Buying A Fish Tank

Buying A Fish TankBuying a fish tank will be a priority for anyone just starting out in the pursuit of keeping pet fish for a hobby. They may very well have chosen what type of fish they would love to see swimming around in their home aquarium. When attempting to turn this vision into a reality, they very often become unstuck with the many options available to them. Soon they find themselves making out a “must do” list that reads something like this.

Buy fish tank:

Type of fish tank needed:

Accessories for a fish tank: –  and the list goes on. It all might sound a bit mind boggling at first, it’s the same as anything new you take up, but it’s all pretty straight forward once you understand the basics. Let’s take each item on the list and deal with them one at a time to understand each step clearly.

#1 – Buying  A Fish Tank

Often the huge choices of tanks, or aquariums if you prefer the term, that are available, can be the very thing that holds people back from finalising their choice. The choice of materials is pretty straight forward and they consist of, a glass fish tank and an acrylic fish tank.

There are some pro’s and cons with both these type of tanks. For example, glass as you will be aware is more susceptible to breakage as opposed to acrylic, although tougher glass is being made these days.

Places to buy the fish tank is more or less a choice of buying offline at your local pet supply store or purchasing online from a website. This will really depend on how close you are to a pet store and time restraints etc. Well that gets the buying a fish tank question out of the way as there are really only a couple of routes to go. You will have many more options to consider once we cover the “buy fish tank accessories” section.

#2 – Types of Fish Tank

Apart from the above options, the main deciding factor regarding which type of fish tank you will need, will depend on the type and size of fish you plan on stocking the tank with. Big fish need more space and the amount of fish you plan on placing in the tank will need some planing prior top making your final purchase.

There are lots of species of small fish available to choose from, which means a small tank would be big enough, especially if you are just starting out with keeping fish and are on a low budget.

Medium sized tanks and large tanks will suit the more advanced pet fish keeper, as well as give them much more scope in fish type selection. For instance, a small tank can be suitable even for a large fish when it is young, but an upgrade will be required as the fish grows to maturity. Whereas, the medium to large fish tank would still be suited for adult medium to large sized fish, or a greater number of fish if required.

#3 – Accessories For A Fish Tank

When just starting out, undoubtedly, fish tank accessories is the main area that causes most confusion, so let’s have a brief look at what essentials are needed. We will have a more in depth information page dedicated to tank accessories, added fairly soon, but let’s keep it simple here initially, that will let you move forward.

Gravel: Filter: Pump: Plants: Ornaments: There you go! Easy yes? You can more or less introduce them to the fish tank in that order.

* Add the gravel to the water in a measured percentage.

* The filter will keep the water clean.

* The pump will circulate the water and add oxygen.

* Plants, real or/and artificial.

* Ornaments to decorate the aquarium to your taste and provide interesting areas for the fish to swim around.

Depending on what type of fish you choose to keep, will determine whether you will require heaters in the tank or not.

Some fish are known to jump out of the water, sometimes even out of the tank. If you will be stocking these type of fish, you will definitely require a fish tank hood.

There you have it. Not all that confusing really when choosing to buying a fish tank accessories, once you break it all down into fish sizes chunks!

Here Is A Video Giving Some Tips on Buying Your Tank

More Information About Fish Tanks Aquariums

Here is even more information about fish tanks. Having a good understanding about your future purchase will benefit both you, as a pet fish keeper as well as the wellbeing of your fish.
A piece of interesting information I thought was that, the Romans were the first people to bring live fish indoors (sea barbel) and kept them in marble tanks. Later on they placed a sheet of glass on one of the marble walls in order that they could view them better.

Hope you find this page helpful in your quest of buying a fish tank. Time well spent at this point may well save you, alot of dissapointment down the line.



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