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Fish Tank Stands

Fish Tank Stands

Fish tank stands are advantageous for the display and viewing of pet fish. If your budget can stretch to treating yourself to one of these stands when buying a fish tank, that is the most appropriate time to add this item. It lets you see clearly how the complete setup will look prior to making the purchase. You will have a set of measurements that will allow you to plan where best to place your setup. Another benefit will be style and colour matching, if these things are important to you.

Fish Tank Stands Put Your Fish On A Higher Plane

Fish tank stands in general are basically a podium or a table on which the fish tanks are placed. All sort of shapes and sizes are catered for. Corner fish tanks can be purchased with a matching shaped stand complete with a handy central shelf, which also gives added support.

Through time fish keepers have made alterations to these table like structures, by adding shelving to store the many pet fish supplies that get accumulated over time. If you have been in this situation, then you will understand how fish tank cabinets have become so popular.

Materials РWood,  Wood substitutes or Metal

The three common materials used in the construction of aquarium stands are wood or wood substitutes or metal.

Wood is a good strong material especially if the stand is constructed from a good hardwood.

Wood substitutes, while being cheaper, are in general not as strong as solid wood. Laminate coatings can give good protection from water splashes, but if this coating is punctured, or modifications such as drilling pipe and cable holes are carried out, water can be allowed to penetrate. If modifications are carried out,

What can we say about the strength of metal stands, after all we make bridges and many huge structures in the stuff. Providing the gage of metal used to construct your aquarium stand is sufficient to carry the expected weight, there should be no problems. Some folk will tell you that metal stands are not suitable for saltwater tanks! If these stands are coated with the correct anti-corrosive materials then I don’t see how the metal stands won’t survive for a long time ahead.

Video Displaying Examples of Aquarium Stands

The video gives you an example of some fish tank stands. Looks like a small factory here making specific orders. Note the more open styling of these stands instead of the more common closed cabinet style. Although the cabinet structure does have many benefits, some people prefer an open look. Perhaps these fish tank stands would be more suitable than a cabinet if standing in the centre of a room, giving a less restricted view of the overall room.


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Corner Fish Tanks

Corner Fish Tanks

Corner Fish Tanks: The Not So Square Aquarium Lives On

Corner fish tanks, The tank

I’m certain there must have been a bit of laughter when corner fish tanks were first introduced onto the market. People in the process of buying a fish tank, must surely have heard comments similar to these. How can you possibly find room for this type of aquarium? How can you manage such a sharp angled monstrosity? Do we see corner fish tanks for sale today, yes we do. So there you are, rather than dying a death, the corner aquarium still lives on. Manufacturers discontinue any lines that don’t sell sufficient numbers and make their production a viable proposition.

Are Corner Fish Tanks A Good Alternative To The TV?

No doubt there are plenty of people out there that just want to have something that’s away from the norm. Look around and you’ll find many instances where this is the case. That being said, the real truth is that these sharp angled, weird shaped fish tanks really do a cracking job of filling up an otherwise useless area of space. Up until recent times and with the emergence of the large flat screen televisions, the TV was the king of these wasted corner areas of the home. Today the TV has been promoted to pride of place, as a main home furnishing feature, right in the middle of the main wall of the room. Did I just say promoted?

So out go the telly’s and in come the corner fish tanks! That’s a fair swop. After all the stress of viewing telly, you can still watch the main show in your favourite corner of the room. It would be interesting to know what the corner fish tanks uk statistics of, “How to brighten a corner” in the popularity stakes would be, especialy in these times of redundant room corners. The tanks might just edge it!

Another factor that must have played a part in the success of these corner aquarium fish tanks must surely be the exposure we get when walking into offices and restaurants etc. In many occasions these stunning displays of pet fish supplies us with something that can be much more memorable than the meal or occasion itself. This is especially true when time and care has been taken in the placement off the fish tank accessories and decoration.

This Video Is a Good Example Of How to Get Started With Your Corner Aquarium.

In this video the owner of this 55 gallon corner fish tank talks us through what he has installed in his tank. At the moment he has a few guppies in there to cycle the tank in preparation for the introduction of the Cichlid fish, who will be taking up residence in the near future.

You’ll notice that all the necessary equipment like fish tank filters and ornaments are all in place, so it will be a simple job of introducing the Cichlids when the waters ready. Seems to have been extremly lucky with the purchase of this corner fish tank stand etc. Sounds like they are having great fun getting this all prepared.

An Example of An Established Corner Fish Tank

This is an example of a tank that is well established and how attractive they can be when fully stocked with the chosen fish and ornamentation, just love that underground mountain.

The 92 gallon corner fish tank that this owner admits to have spent a lot of money on, unlike the owner in the previous video.